Same voice actor.


Oh, hey, look, somebody made a Mr. Peabody! Well, that’s pretty cool. I can’t say I’ve seen one of him around before. What a neat idea! I wonder how in character they—


This scene is PERFECT

The whole movie we’ve listened Sherman saying things like ”I’m not a dog”„and how she hated the ”dog fact” (when Penny called him ”dog” he bit her) and at the ending of the movie„he„forgetting about all„,says ”I’m a dog too” to rescue his father„the person who he loves most


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A Deep Regard | “Mr. Peabody & Sherman” Playlist

1) Way Back When – Grizfolk

2) Beautiful Boy – John Lennon

3) Take a Look Through My Eyes – Phil Collins

4) You Are My Sunshine – Copeland

5) A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

6) There You’ll Be – Faith Hill

7) You Raise Me Up – Josh Groban

8) See You Again – Carrie Underwood

9) I Will Always Return – Bryan Adams

10) Homeless Heart – Amanda Stott

11) I Won’t Let Go – Rascal Flatts

12) Sticks & Stones – Jónsi

13) Angel With a Shotgun – The Cab

14) F*ckin’ Perfect – P!nk

15) We Belong Together – Randy Newman


He was six in 1960…. so if I did my math correctly, he’s sixty now? Or maybe he only ages one year every 54 years, so he’s still seven? Or he was seven when we last saw him and he had a birthday so now he’s eight? I don’t know.

However old you are, happy birthday, you adorable child.

(I haven’t done digital art in a really long time, so my tablet skills are a bit extremely rusty. If I ever end up with time, hopefully I can draw Peabody and Sherman more and improve. Or I’ll give up and just scan my paper drawings.)


Time for something for the birthday boy

Happy Birthday Sherman!!!!!!


people who think they’re cool by being wildly inappropriate 300% of the time


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no means no

Not saying anything also means no.



I was messing around on the new Paradox Space webpage and I thought “Hmm, I wonder if there is some easter egg for entering /413 to the end of the url” and when I hit enter I was met by these two!

Equius! You poor thing! what happened to your computer?!


when someone makes jokes out of your insecurities 


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